Needing some help with cover art please

I'm trying to take all of my .mp3's from my cellphone and give them correct information. Such as title, singer or group names also and the Album and cover art.

So here is what I did I tried to run the .mp3's through musicbrainz and see what all it could find. And there are so many files with the wrong information I need to do a bunch by hand. Some have the song title then - and then the singers name or groups name. And musicbrainz can't get some of them corrected. So I use MP3Tag to finish editing them. And then I re-scan them in musicbrainz to add the cover art. sometimes the cover art gets put on the files and sometimes it dose not. so then I need to add the cover art myself.

Here is the problem I'm having. I have over 500 files that need to be scanned by musicbrainz I have only done about 200 and I still have over 500 more.

There are several I need to edit myself and then scan for the cover art on musicbrainz program. So then if it can't find it I look up the album art myself on and view image and save the image to my pc and go from there.

I have to do each file and its time consuming.

I don't know any other way to add the album art then to download the image and drag and drop it into the mp3tag and then save each file.

It there a simpler way of doing this? Can mp3tag scan for the album art like musicbrainz dose and if so how. I'm still kind of knew to all of this so please any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

And if there is something you don't understand that I wrote please just quote it and I will try to explain.

In general: only you know where you got the track from. So the more you can narrow down from which album you actually got it, the better.
Here is a thread that deals with albumartdownloader:

perhaps that is something for you.

Thank you I'm going to look into it right now to see if it will help or not thank you.