Nero encoded MP3 files are not recognized

Hi. I hope I have read the FAQ throughout before posting this.
Could you explain why when I try to scan a directory where MP3 have been encoded with Nero suite, the directory appears empty, whereas if the same files have been encoded with any other software, they will appear normally ? Is it a question of the mp3 dll/codec used by Nero ? Is there a way around it without having to recode, in my case, hundreds of files ? Thanks in advance for your help.

Make sure you have filter disabled. Toggle the 'F3' button first :wink:

But apart from that not sure whether this is an issue with mp3tag as so much your encoder app.

Have you tried using a different converter. Do a quick goggle search. There's loads out there that use the 'lame_enc.dll' and to be honest I have stopped using Nero products a long time ago. Encoding video esp!

I personally use dBpoweramp Music Converter which support multiple core's and has a right click shell extension for converting your files...

Two things:
if you use mp3tag's directory selector in W7 then this will show only the directory but no files in the directory. This is a W7 feature.
If you are sure that the files should be loaded then check the file suffix and check whether this suffix is included in the list of suffixes in Tools>Options>Tags.
If the file suffix is missing, include it and retry.

(I am not sure about Nero's mp3pro format ... which unforturnately is the default for mp3 files)

Thanks a lot. F3 did the trick.