Nested Loop Sorting Not Working?

Sorting for the second loop (nested loop) in an Export Config doesn't seem to be working. Attached is a .jpg of the Mp3Tag window, the .mte file and the .txt output file.

I would have expected it to 1st sort by Album and then by directory within the album. Instead it's preserving the Mp3tag sort for the 2nd sorting.

recall the discussion at $loop() for dummies

MTE file:

Output File:
Reason and Persuasion|_AlbumTags|Reason and Persuasion. Thinking Through Three Dialogues....
Reb YaNYaL Lectures|_Queued4IPOD|Reb YaNYaL Lectures - The Two Torahs. The Sin of the ...
Reb YanYal Lectures|_AlbumTags|Reb YanYal Lectures
Reb YaNYaL Lectures|_Queued4IPOD|Reb YaNYaL Lectures - The Limitations of Rationalism

Within the album Reb YaNYal I would have expected _albumtags to sort to the top above _Queued4IPOD, but does not.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I'm still on 2.71 if that matters.

LoopTest.txt (347 Bytes)

LoopTest.mte (150 Bytes)

If I see it correctly, you have an album called
Reb YaNYaL Lectures and the other one
Reb YanYal Lectures

  • different in spelling.
    What happens if it is really the same in spelling?

Yes curious about the capital N's. I didn't notice them before. I went out to try again, loading up the same episodes and today they are NOT capitalized. Weird.

I cannot replicate the bug with the lower cased spellings, so let's consider this as closed.

Thanks for your attention.