New Archive Forum User Scripts


So there is a Webscript Archive and an Export Configuration Archive....

What about a Script Archive...where scripts can be outlined and listed?

Whilst trying to figure out how to do some scripting as posted previously I came across numerous posts and comments from moderators referring to similar scripting functions over the course of this forum. What about creating somewhere so that people can look at the available scripts and apply them for their use. This would I think eliminate alot or needless repeat requests and would ease the pain of people having to search the forums only to find that after they have gone through 3 or more pages of responses back and forth that it relates to a topic from another date with multiple pages and the answer burried within...

Basically this would have to be moderated somewhat as there are bound to be multiple duplicate scripts for the same actions and/or longer and shorter versions of scripts that accomplish the same thing...and it would need a brief description of the script and resulting actions so that anyone can follow it even if they have no real scripting background.

Just a thought.....but this would ease the multiple questions on the same topic/issue as most people I would estimate do not even search for a result/previous response to what they are looking for prior to asking/posting.