New Chance for Gracenote ?

Hi there,

i'm completly new here in that forum, because a was looking for a solution between mp3tag and gracenote. in a few threads i read, that Sony don't want that combination, because the want gracenote as a "single point of search" (and they want earn money)

Since December 2013, Gracenot is not a member of Sony, but of Tribune Company (look here)

Also i read here the following text:
The Gracenote Developer Program is only available for non-commercial use. If you are interested in commercial licensing please visit this site. If you are already a commercial licensee, please contact your Gracenote representative.

Because i'm not a developer, i ask for all "normal mp3tag users". Is it possible i near future, that mp3tag can work together with gracenote ? A Database with 180 Million database entrys would be great :slight_smile:

Is MP3Tag in that case a "commercial" or not ???

Kind regards

Hassan Mullah