new change of %band% to %albumartist%

I was editing files earlier and noticed the new update changes the old "Album Artist" field (%band%) to %albumartist%, and essentially made %band% an entirely new field.

Problem is this, the "Album Artist" column still retained the %band% field, so the files I was editing, appeared to have their "Album Artist" (%band%) field magically vanish. After a little poking around, I opened up the extended tag menu for files and found the "%band%" field had been switched to "albumartist%". No problem, I thought, I opened up the "customize columns" menu and changed the "Album Artist" column information from %band% to %albumartist%. The column appeared to be fixed.

Problem is, in the tag editor panel, on the left side of the Mp3tag window, the "Album Artist" box still is attributed to the old %band% field (or should I say the new %band% field), so if I enter in the value that I wish to be for %albumartist%, it instead makes that value the %band% value and puts it into the mp3 file tag and leaving %albumartist% blank.

This eliminates the ability to bulk edit multiple files newly changed %albumartist% field. You either have to do it one by one, or bulk edit the new* %band% field.

How can I bulk edit %albumartist% now that mp3tag has changed the field to a new name?

You can change the tag panel at "Options > Tag panel"

ah, thank you Dano