New colun for rating Musicmatch

Good Morning
I've been a long time user of Musicmatch, but it's getting harder and harder to use it on a vital machine. I have a collection of thousands of mp3 and it would be impossible to assign a preference again.
I am trying to create a column with the rating generated by musicmatch, but to no avail.
Can you help me?

It would be much easier if you had described what you have tried up to now.
The help offers a list of supported fields, perhaps POPULARIMETER has the right options for you. See Rating MM:

The other question is: does your player write the ratings to the tags or only in its database (if it uses one) and does your player evalaute the POPM field?
It could be that you do not get this information exchanged.
The the only way would be to work with playlists, one for each rating.

Thanks for the answer
In the "Value" field which is the correct option: Extended Field, Field Information or Function? The same question for Campo

Value is that what you want to be shown
Field is the tag field in which you want to save the value.
So if you want to read and write a field, it is the same entry for both, in this case I guess
%rating mm%