New explorer window in mp3tag goes full screen; minimum & maximum no longer show

'Add cover' by creating a new explorer window in mp3tag goes full screen after pressing a keyboard key by mistake; minimum & maximum no longer show.

I was working in mp3tag with no problems. Then I selected an mp3 file, selected 'Add cover' on the LHS column and pressed a key or a function key by mistake (I don't remember what I pressed).

A new window came up, but instead of it being a small window, it took up the whole size of the screen, and there was no minimum or maximum buttons available on the top RHS anymore.

This has happened to me once before quite a few years ago, and I managed to solve it somehow, but I can't remember what I did, and I can't find a satisfactory answer either on the Internet or in mp3tag Community.

Any assistance would be greatfully received. Thank you.


This has nothing to do with MP3tag as the windows explorer folder selection dialogue is a generic one, handled by Windows.
In the opened explorer window, press Alt+Space to get the system menu at the top left.
There, select "Restore" (which should be the only option besides "Close" anyway) to get the old window size back again.

A look through the internet for windows hotkeys would have helped:
Maximize Window: F11 or Windows logo key + Up arrow

Thank you for your reply.
Alt+Space brings up the Restore menu, but it is dimmed out, so does nothing.
Maximize Window F11 does nothing as well.
Windows logo+Up arrow does nothing
But Windows logo+Down arrow solves my problem. The maximum window shrinks to a normal small sized window. I shall save this info for the future.

Thank you for solving my problem.


As you can see here:

Please be aware, that the Windows keyboard combinations Win+Up arrow and Win+Down arrow are toggles.
If you press this combination multiple times, the windows size switch to different sizes every time.

Restore is the function ... except "close" all other functions are not available as you cannot maximize an already maxmized window and you also cannot move it around as it occupies the whole screen.

Are you working with a laptop?

Thanks for your comprehensive answer. I looked up Microsoft shortcuts on the Microsoft Support website and found heaps of shortcuts that I did not no existed.

Thank you for your explanations, but I could not use Restore because it was dimmed out.
However, Windows Logo was the answer, except that I did not realise that Windows Logo + Up arrow was a toggle, so I should have pressed it twice to get it to work. But Windows + Down arrow worked and solved my problem. I guess it is also a toggle.
I am using a desktop computer.
It is very nice to have the expertise of the mp3tag community to help with problem solving.
Thank you.

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