New feature - create folder and move mp3s


First of all - great software. I'll donate it for sure, soon.

My idea for a new feature is to allow mp3tag to create folders for mp3s.

Simply - the user chooses a bunch of mp3s - right-clicks it and chooses "put to folder", then chooses how to name this folder (here he gets a similar dialogue to "tag to filename" to pick data for the folder name), next simply chooses path where to create folder and how to transfer files (move or copy).

It would be nice if mp3tag could do this for more mp3s at once, for example for 10 albums - creates 10 folder with appropriate names taken from id3s tags.

Now I am doing it manually - which is PITA! but i like to have all mp3s named with the same manner so I am doing it.

Best regards

See this post for an example.