New Feature: Edit WAV file tags

MP3Tag Feature Request: Please add the ability to edit tags in WAV files.

Background Information: Every week, I create one or two Audacity projects. Each project produces ~200 audio files (~100 WAV files for archival CDs and the same number of MP3 files for my music server).

When saving (exporting) WAV files, Audacity v1.3.x puts metadata tags in each WAV file, just as it does when saving MP3s. Then, when I use Nero Burning ROM to create an Audio CD from those WAV files, the Title and Artist tags appear automatically in the respective CD Text fields.

To write the tags on all of those MP3 files, I use a pipe-delimited text file with MP3Tag's "Convert > Text file - Tag" command; this feature is GREAT (that is why I donated :sunglasses:)! If MP3Tag could also do this with my WAV files, I would gladly donate again. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for MP3Tag,

Just out of curiosity, which tags do you use?
ARTIST and TITLE seems to be OK, but ALBUM (for example) is not recognized by other audio editors.

So far, it sounds that you are satisfied with the process.
How do you get the metadata from, respectively put the metadata into the WAV file?

So far, it sounds that you are satisfied with the process.

Hmm ... sometimes I have the same thought, why not having only one universal tool on the work bench?

I know of writing metadata to WAV file by my work with CoolEdit and Adobe Audition some time ago.
You wrote, that Audacity knows how to write metadata tags to a WAV file.
While Mp3tag does not offer the tagging of pure WAV files you should better ask Audacity to offer support for reading Metadata from CSV file for tagging WAV files.

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My format string for the text file tagging in MP3Tag is %title%|%artist%|%year%|%genre%|%track% (Title, Artist, Year, Genre and Track).

I also use the Album and Comment tags but, since their values remain constant across all ~200 files produced by a given Audacity album project, they can be easily populated by Audacity's Export Multiple command and, for these projects, I generally do not need to edit them with MP3Tag.

Yes, very satisfied! When it does WAVs, I'll be twice (maybe 3X) as satisfied as I am today.

Each Audacity album project includes a Label track. There, I label each album cut with its Title, Artist, Genre, Year, etc. (All my extra tag work is due to the fact that these albums include cuts from various artists, genres and years, as opposed to the usual album by one artist, in one genre, produced in one year.) Then, once the entire album is finished, I use Audacity's 'Export Multiple...' command to create the individual files, twice (once for WAVs, again for MP3s).

During Export Multiple, the metadata editor window appears once for each file to be exported; this is Audacity providing the (only) opportunity to edit tag data for each individual file being exported. If every cut on an album has the same Artist, Genre and Year, no work is needed here; Audacity automatically populates each file's Title tag with its string from the Label track and gets all of the other tags (Artist, Genre, Year, Comment) from the project's metadata. However, in my case, since cuts have varying Artists, Genres, Years, etc., this is when I get to parse the Label string and move the values other than Title into their respective tag fields. Since the typical album has ~100 songs, I do this ~100 times during the WAV export only.

But, thanks to MP3Tag and my Excel macro which parses and processes the exported Label track from Audacity, all I need to do during the MP3 export is click OK.

I don't understand why it would be better to ask for this to be done by Audacity. If Audacity has any capability for tagging any files by reading a CSV file and batch-process editing the tags in those files, I'm unaware of it. But, since MP3Tag already does all of that for MP3 files (as well as AAC, APE, APL, ASF, FLAC, FLC, MP+, MP1, MP2, MP4, M4A, M4B, MPC, OGG, OGA, OFR, OFS, SPX, TAK, TTA, WMA, and WV files!), I think it's only logical to ask MP3Tag for WAV file support, as well.

The only reason I mentioned Audacity at all is because, although I know nothing about tagging WAV files, I do know Audacity tags a WAV file in such a way that Nero Burning ROM is able to make sense of it. And, in the end, that's what I need: WAV files with tags to be read by Nero for burning Audio CDs with CD Text.

Thanks. Good to know I'm not the only one pining for this feature. (My searching the MP3Tag forums for 'wav' turned up nothing; must be one of those 3-characters-is-not-enough-but-I'm-not-going-to-tell-you-that things.) Regardless, I'll be happy to donate $50 to the cause when MP3Tag can do what I'm asking for.

Well, I had the same problem but since my favorite organizer/player already support WAV tagging, this is not an issue anymore.
While you are waiting for WAV tag (chunk, actually) implementation in Mp3tag, maybe you can consider trying MusicBee, it is powerful as Foobar (almost), full featured as iTines (they say) and very lightweight and user frienndly. You should download the official version from here and update some files from the latest builds from here (maybe apply latest 2-3 updates) for WAV tag support.

Yes, this is an unfortunate omission in Mp3tag. ID3v2 tagging should be supported in both WAV and AIFF files.

IMO it would also require added file types under Options > Tags for both WAV and AIFF, so that the user would have control over the type of ID3v2 tag and the character encoding for each.

No, I don't think that ID3 should be supported for WAV. There is a format specification from Microsoft/IBM about meta data stored in wav files (in wave chunks), and there is EXIF specification that defines a number of common chunk keys. There is no specification of ID3 tags in wave files.
Most common use of wav file is in wave editors and they all support wave chunks, not ID3.
If one needs extended tagging, then every lossless compression format is capable of this.