New Feature Idea


Hi. i am new to this website site and the software but i am loving this source.

thank forvery great software...

ok here is my idea.

we see lots of website links in TAGs and i know i hate them and i am sure all you other hate them as we.. specially when u import ur songs/albums in to ur Mp3 player u see those .coms and www. stuff :angry:

if there is someway Mp3tag editor can remove it buy just one click that would be great..

just make it remove anything that goes or whole thing

that would save lots of time. well this is just my thought i am not sure if this feature is out there somewere in some software :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and glad to be part of this forum


Hi dmax!

You can do it allready by defining an Action (ALT+5) of type "Replace with regular expressions":

Field: _TAG
RegEx: (http://)?(www\.)?\S+\.[a-z]{2,3}/?
Replace with:

It will remove all strings that looks like something between and (.de/.gov...)



i don't know what else to say about this software.. i just fall in love with it.. i hope my gf understands i have to love this soft lolz.. jk jk

but this friking nice.. and i see u can program an action to do certain things that just W :w00t: W

i have some url in lot of mp3 like this..

and when i use ur code thing it will remove verything exept the last ] - big end braket

can you give me code on how to remove that as well.



I've made the expression some shorter and added deleting of ] and } at the end of urls.
Use \S+.[a-z]{2,3}/?(]|})? as RegEx.



Works like a magik stick lolz

thank you again. :stuck_out_tongue: