New Feature Request


Awsome program, I'd be lost without it.
The biggest problem i have found with using it is on the change directory.
When i select a directory there are maybe 2-10,000 mp3's in it, and it is slow to read.
All i am usually interested in is the files where there is no mp3tag info for them.
It would be nice if you could filter the import list to those with missing tag info; EG skip reading file if it has title or artist info already.
A simple tick select for each tag being blank would do it.
Other than that great program.



I am not really sure if that would improve the speed significantly, as MP3Tag would have to open the file and check if a tag is present or not. So, the only gain in speed would be the additional parsing of frames, which already is pretty fast.
Anyways, Florian will be able to tell you more, as he has the source code. :slight_smile:

Sebastian Mares


Hello Damian,

Sebastian is right, it won't add a performance boost.

Best regards,
~ Florian

HTAPutParamsToClipboard.v100.rar (3.04 KB)


no problem, ive upgraded to the 2.3 and its much faster, thanks for the info