New Feature Request

I wanted to add a type of file symbol "(KV)" at the end of the Title field to a group of files and can't fined no way of doing this Globally, unless I'm missing something here.? So if it's not available this would be an exstremely handy to have feature for a quick global add on the fly the front or the end of a tag field...

Ver. 2.49

Any suggestions.? :book:

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Yup....this one's super-easy. :slight_smile:

@JoeyKj: If you have a few of these that you use a lot, you might consider putting each one in its own action group. That way it'll be a quick, one-touch edit that's available whenever you need it.

Thanks Guys for your help, now if I could get it to work like this,

I need to set up the Action and Format, but have an open ended entry point to add an Artist, so all I would have to do is call up the Action script and paste the Artist info I need to be appended in the text area, for example;

XYX, %Artist%, where the "XYX," would be pasted in by me and then run the command/script...

Trying to setup a script for each artist would not be practical.....

Thank You..

You are right: that would not be practical.
Actions are intended for tdious routine work which would otherwise require to do the same thing file by file over and over again.
Adding an artist is better done using the tag panel.
Proceed like follows:
Select all the the tracks with the same artist in the files list.
Enter the artist's name in the entry box "Artist" of the tag panel.
Press Ctrl-S (or the disk-button in the tool bar) to save the name to all files.

Yes you are correct and that is what i've been doing to fix or edit the Artist field, but I'll explain it more specifically as to the what and why...

I'm currently working on a large Hindi Audo library, they use the "Artist field" to list the "Movie Title" the song came from, in the same way we use the "Artist" that sang the song in the movie to list the "Artist" in the Artist for example I will list what I find in the "Artist" field first then list what I need to accomplish in the Artist field...

Artist Field: (Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani) = The Move, the way it exist now.

Artist Field: (Abhijeet, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani) Insertion of the song artist.

I need to insert the Artist first in the field "Abhjeet" in 100's of songs among thousands, these artists are very famouse and very well known around the world, so they would take priority over the "Move Title" in this case and that is the why I need to do this...

Sorry, I don't do a good job of explaining it in detail before..



Hmm, it seems so.

Please fill the three-dots-area of the following lines with a real life example with data as is.
Pre, means what is:
Post, means what should be:


Why no do it in two steps - e.g. if you have the composer tag free you could use that to park the specifc information. If the composer tag is already in use then create a userdefined tag like %performer%
E.g. you fill the empty tag with the individual information like "Abhijeet".
After that has been done you can append the ARTIST tag in one go with an action:
Format tag field ARTIST
%performer% %artist%.

Have you considered to use the ALBUMARTIST for grouping this information?
You can create user defined tags either in the extended tags dialog or in the tag panel for mass editing.

I use Album Artist for album brand, I don't see a Composer column in the header page, is there a way to activate it.?..Your idea is a good one..

Thank You :slight_smile:

As the composer is not a V1 tag it is by default not included in the tag panel or the columns. but you can easily add this tag by adding it in the tools>Options>Tag panel to the tag panel and via the "Columns..." function by right-clicking on any column header.
If adding a column enter %composer% both for Value and Field.