New Feature: show tag update options on the main window

It would be very helpful if options whether to read/write/remove ID3v1/ID3v2/APE were available on the main window.

Right now I need to go to Options every time to make sure that I will not kill some useful tags and will write all the necessary information.

Tag panel has plenty of space - so the options could be shown there. As for UI solution, that could be done like on this screenshot of MP3-Check:

"Prompt before removing tags" is already possible at Options > Messages

Sorry, I might have been wrong indeed.
I was checking against 2.39 version I use on this PC (since I cannot install 2.40 on W2K)

Could you please make that remove tag confirmation dialog shows which particular tag types are going to be removed?
So instead of just "Do you really want to remove the tags of the selected files?" it would say something like "Do you really want to remove ID3v1, APEv2 tags of the selected files?"
As a final confirmation that tag removal options are set correctly.

(I'm still in favour of solution to make them easily visible and changeable on the main window)