New feature: Size All Columns to Fit

Hello Developers,
I hope all is well with you and yours.
In Windows 10 Explorer, we can adjust column widths by right-click on the Titles bar at the top, which then displays an option "Size All Columns to Fit", with an underscored A. Tap the letter [A] > [Enter], and it adjusts all the columns so that we can read the contents without seeing lots of blank space, or some data too wide to be displayed.
It would be really helpful to have this feature in MP3 Tag.
Quick and easy.
And stay safe in these troubled times. :wink:

This feature would not be a good extension if you load more files than a couple of dozens.
Even for collections of some 10,000 files it would take a lot of time to find the best column width, not to mention collections with 6-digit-number of files.
I don't know: have you ever tried to even open Windows Explorer with a folder that shows 10,000 files? You'll regret it. Takes literally hours.
That is jus my fear.

Any way: see e.g.

or here:

I'm not saying make it automatic. Just a User Option. If you have too many files loaded all at once, then do it the manual way, as before.
I am suggesting we have the same method as Windows Explorer, because many Windows users will already be familiar with that option. Same keyboard shortcuts: Right-click>A. Job done. Quick and Easy.