Automatically Optimize Column Widths?

A very nice feature enhancement would allow users to readjust columns in the "grid" to optimize the display. If you have many columns, one for each field name, some columns often end up too narrow and some way too wide. Even a dumb feature that allows the user to set all columns to some default width by clicking a "resize" button, sat something like 12 characters in width, would at least expand the too-narrow columns and shrink the ones that are too wide. This simple step would then make it easier to adjust column widths to their proper size for viewing.

Or you could do like iTunes' media player and adjust each column to the size of the data in the columns.

Another scheme would allow users to right click in a column heading and choose "Optimize width."

Hm, yes, a little bit more comfort is desired, like ...
... set all active and/or inactive columns to a dedicated minimal and maximal size.

For now you can try the double click on a column delimiter bar.
This will set the width of the clicked column to the size of the displayed item, with the largest size in this column, within the page of the current window view.

When you scroll down or up and the size of the content in this column will get smaller or larger, then you may double click the column delimiter bar again to resize the column width.

There might be another way to resize all columns to one width at once.
Use a text editor and edit a copy of your "columns ini file" in the folder ...
Change the attribute "width" to a value of your wish.