[new feature suggestion] Auto format uppercase/lowercase for some words in tags


I couldn't find anything about this, I'll explain with some examples :

  • Some people like to have all words first letter capitalized for titles, band names, etc.
Example: "Dimension Of The Blackest Dark"
  • Others (like me) prefer to have some words that won't start with a capitalized letter.
Example: "Dimension of the Blackest Dark"

I'd like a feature where we can set some rules where mp3tag will know how to handle some words.

For example: use first letter lowercase for: "this, the, of, and, ..."
(except when they are the first word)

It's easy to change Artist and Album for all songs but when it comes to titles you have to go one by one :confused:

What do you think about this?

Not a lot.
This suggestion has been discussed in this thread:
Case Conversion refinement

... and includes a solution.

You might try this action group:


'JJ Johnson' you might not send people to "solutions" to other places on the internet, which have been discussed there as not so good working.
At least some user from the foreign thread ...

... points back to a thread within this Mp3tag forum, where we all have helped the user 'yog-sothoth' to assemble a toolbox for rudimentary string manipulations.

New user 'Amida' (Joined: Yesterday, 23:42) is well advised to read the basics from the Mp3tag manual and from the Forum FAQ area as the fundamental homework to apply Mp3tag successfully.

Regarding the request for discussion of new user 'Amida' ...

... this theme has been discussed many times and there are quite as many ways to solve the problem with the basic Mp3tag toolbox.


Sorry "forum god" but all the queries i've been using to find any related topic didn't lead me to the thread link you are showing. Most of the problem being that the forum continuously rejected my search query with this message :

I couldn't find the right words to find the post, ok so I posted a new thread.

You don't need to remind me of how to first search in a forum before posting, that's just as insulting as someone who didn't bother to do it, just give me the link with a :slight_smile: smiley and delete the post if you want.

Thank you anyway.

Well ... Amida ... I spoke these words to user 'JJ Johnson' and it contains a rich advice for you.
You are right with the criticism concerning the forum search tool, mostly it is not satisfactory.

You might embed this Google search link into your list of favorite links ...

Use the Google search with the term "case conversion" and you might get some useful results.


Sorry for the tone of my message, it was not the first time I got this kind of advice about reading before posting, even though I've been trying to search, so it made me feel bad. Also finding the right words when it's not your language is not so easy as people might think (even though it's english)

On the other hand I couldn't find how to use the Grammartron action. I thought it would be to put the file in the actions folder (where case conversion and other mta files are) as we do with sources but it does not appear in the menu, so I've been looking for information about how to use mta files but could not find anything. Could be useful to indicate how to use it in the grammartron thread. (could not find info about mta files in mp3tag help)

How to find the right actions folder: