New feature suggestion: incremental counter (in the title field.)

Thank you for a fine product! I use it frequently. I would like to propose a new feature:

an incremental counter in the title field.

This could be done in such a way:
some input whch occurs often in my kind of MP3-tagging:
[title-field] cd1.%i
Where %i is a counter which gets automatically incremented, so you get file titles like cd1.01 or until e.g.cd1.25, in the case of 25 mp3's ripped from CD1. where %i starts at number 01 (indicated by the user) This happens often when you don't know any sensible titles for the MP3s (like when ripping audiobooks). I hope you would consider such a feature, I have been considering whipping up a really simple program myself to do this, but when using Visual C# I could not access all the files in the directory, some would be skipped. And that broke the deal for me, since it's rather important to access all the files (as you'll understand)

The title field is where this would be mot useful, but it might also work in other fields. Hope you'll consider this, as it would save me a lot of trouble. And I don't think this would be much work (you already can access all the files, that's where you have an advantage over me :slight_smile: )

Run this action against the group of selected tracks ...
Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format tag field
Field: Z
Formatstring: %_COUNTER%

... then use tag field Z content as scripting variable %Z% in other scripting expressions
... or use scripting variable %_COUNTER% directly.


Wow!!!! Works good for me!!! I am using it to create an incremental "serial" number for the "discnumber " field!! Thanx!!