new feature suggestion: more command line option for export

I think a command line option for export would come in handy.

I often need to export a list for a new album. It would be very nice if I could simply add an option to the right-click menu in the windows explorer that says "mp3tag export myexport.mte", that executes something like this:

c:\program files\mp3tag\mp3tag.exe %1 -export "myexport.mte"

When I think of it, more command line options in general would be very nice. I'd love to have shortcuts for deleting all comment tags, or remove artist_album / band tags, etc.


I agree with Jerry - but would like to also be able to specify output filename on the command line as well and to specify append or one file per dir (same as the options in the dialog box)

mp3tag.exe c:\somedir -export "myexport.mte" -exportpath "%_folderpath%\index.html" -exportonefile

I am exporting index.html files to a whole directory tree of albums and podcasts which I would like to be able to run as a batch job to update the files.

Another command I'd love to run as a large batch job would be to copy Artist to SortArtist tags while dropping any initial "The "

Paul, you're absolutely right!

As a programmer I know it's relatively easy to support a whole list of command line arguments. All menu items and options on dialogs could be called from the command line.


How long can the commandline be?