New feature suggestion "Rename Folder from tag"

Hi there,

i think it would be great if you could rename the folder from the tags. Today i do it by hand in explorer, because some folders have names like "" :slight_smile:
If i could rename the folders and generate the folder name from the tags, i would be glad.... let's think about it

It is possible. Convert > Tag - Filename

It sure is e.g.

For customary ripper pathnaming: %artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %title%
To collect scattered album files into a compilation: compilation$num(%_counter%,2) %title% but take care to copy the files first since this is a move not a copy!

Florian, I think Mp3tag is unduly shy about this great feature! When I started with Mp3tag I assumed that Filename meant Filename and with no clue that '' was allowed, I had no idea that it operated on folders too... until you told me :wink: [Edit: FTR, Help now says "You can use the backslash to mark directories in the format string."]

How about the Help's list of format string elements be updated to include '' '.' and '..'? How about Help has an example of folder rename? Perhaps the command should even be remaned to Tag - Pathname.

PS One tiny flaw that would be good to fix is that Undo fails to undo the creation of directories that it empties. One might also want an option for Convert to delete directories it empties.

i got it, the feature is hidden very well :wink:

convert>actions>"create new, for example 'folder rename'">'format value "_Directory": %artist% - %album%
This renames the folder the way i like it :smiley:


mp3 tag - the swiss knife for mp3 tags

convert>actions>"create new, for example 'folder rename'">'format value "_Directory":

It is worth noting that this is a separate feature from Convert | Tag - Filename, and works differently e.g. whereas Convert affects just the selected files, 'format value _Directory" affects any other files in the same directory.

Format value "_Directory" renames folders
Convert > Tag - filename creates new folders

That too is true - sometimes.