New Feature Suggestion:

Dear Florian!

First of all, thanks for your great program.

I think it will be very useful, if mp3tag has the ability to import tag data for multiple files, not only for one .mp3 file from one .txt file.

I think it will be much more EASIER to collect big amount of information about .mp3 files in local database (for.ex. in Excel spreadsheet) first;
then all of it information can be checked, compared, unified with help of Excel functions;
then Excel spreadsheet can be converted to .csv file (to simplify import);
and after it, all data can be imported from this "local database" (or "data file").

I don't think it's hard to realize.
The "database" can contain information about all library or only part of it and can be looks like:

\music01.mp3;Ispolnitel 1;Pesnya 01;Sbornik 09;2009;Orkestr;Iboga Records;135.00;...
\music02.mp3;Ispolnitel 2;Pesnya 02;Izbrannoe;2007; ;IONO Music;130.05;...
and so on...

After importing, all data from "database" will be filled to corresponding tags of selected files.

By the way, in current realisation it can be located in "Menu|Tag Sources|Local Database"...

What do you think?

It's already possible using the converter Text file - Tag which supports importing data to multiple files at once.

Kind regards,