New Forum header logo looks awkward

Proposing a fix, without orange background (bg is transparent) :slight_smile:

It is not quite perfect though, but when scaled down to fit into header, these minor defects are not visible.

Did you see that there is a new category to deal with issues of the forum itself:
Might be more appropriate than a bug report.

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Nope, unfortunately I did not see it...and I'm unable to move this topic so...yeah...sorry :frowning:

No problem at all, I've moved the topic to the correct category. You can also always use the little flag button below the post to notify someone who can do this.

Thanks for the feedback on the header image. I'm also not 100% happy myself and will use your proposed version for further experiments when things cool down a little after the move.

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I've spent some time on improving the logo and make the whole header section to appear more "on brand".

What do you think?


I definately like it... :+1: