New happy user... and a few requests


Hello Florian,

Discovered mp3tag a few days ago, and it's a really really good piece of software :smiley:
As I'm using foobar2000, I was looking for something to tag mp3s with ape tags, but "tagger" (and its frontends) or f2k's masstagger didn't meet my needs (especially since I'm also using id3v2 tags for my jukebox.)
Anyway, here are a few things that could improve my workflow with mp3tag. If you find they may be useful additions, and if they are not too difficult to program, feel free to include them :wink:

  • an easier way to change which tags are read and written. I switch quite often between reading the ape and the id3 tags, and I have to go each time to the options. Would it be possible to have checkboxes (or buttons) on the main window?
  • More difficult : the possibility to split the window into several panes (2 or even 3), to read different tags from the same file. That's how mp3library works and it makes it very easy to copy id3v1 to id3v2 (screenshot here - the interface is terrible, but it works really well. And to be honest, I'm still using it for id3 tags.)
  • Regular expressions in the replace tools. I have a lot of mp3s with the track-number included in the title and it would be really nice to be able to ask mp3tag to remove something like that: ^[0-9]+[s]*- 8) instead of replacing "01-" then "02-" then "03-" then "01 -", etc...
  • custom fields for ape tags.
That's all I can think of for the moment but I'm sure I'll come back with more praise... and more work for you ;D Thanks again for this great tool,



the software is GREAT!! im using it for a while now and im cerntainly buying it..

but.. i more item i would really appreciate, and thats a option to script mp3tag.. or batch it however u call it.. Id like an option to automate it.. ive been busy now for 10 hours and im only through till A and B.. :cry: so i have to do C till Z.. if i could script it (only with a succesrate of 50%),i could save me a shiotload of work..

And how about a option for downloading Album Art and Lyrics? Worx the same way as

And is there a option to use aswell? i often find CDz that i cant find on

Well.. that was just my input, see what u do with it.. :wink:


Hi there,

I'll add regular expressions and the scripting feature to my internal wishlist.

With best regards,
~ Florian



the current development build features regular expression replacing at Converter, Actions.

~ Florian


Danke schön Florian, this is great :slight_smile:
I'll test it as soon as I can and shall give you feedback.



any feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

~ Florian


So far so good with regexps.
Maybe you can add in the help that ^ matches the beginning of line, and $ matches the end of line.
And maybe a few examples would be useful: regexps can be a bit difficult for newcomers ;D
(i can come up with examples if you want)



I'll update the help file with the line anchors and just created a new topic here in the forum to collect some useful Regular Expressions. Feel free to contribute :slight_smile:

~ Florian