New lesson suggestion for new users

A thought for future lessons.
I only use your program to handle the M4B format… other programs are useless at it. The ability to select and copy the same field name to multiple files is stunning eg 12 books in the same series of books!!

The lesson could talk about audio books M4B differing from MP3 (bookmarks stored within the file format) . Explain how the “Artist” “Album Artist” are used.
Artist = Author Album artist = Narrator... it’s sort of a standard but not always!

And this exactly the reason:
There is no standard.
So it is up to the user to fill the fields with data (or leave them as they are).
So I doubt that there is a universal apporach to tag audio books.
Yet, you are free to start a discussion and ask other participants in the forum how they do it.
And even this will only lead to an exchange of opinions but no standard.
MP3tag is a program for flexible tagging. And it can be used for a lot of file formats and audio (and even video) preferences.
So, IMHO, there should not be a

to regulate the tagging process.