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Hello all, I'm new here and a complete novice so I hope someone can help me and be patient enough to answer my queerie in very simple terms, It would be most appreciated.
I have just downloaded v 2.70 as I want to name all the mp3 tracks in my Music folder with the proper song and artist titles instead of just being named 01 -.mp3, 02 -.mp3 etc.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me achieve this, but as I say it must be simple steps as I'm a complete novice in this field.

Cheers Tat

You can use the files list and enter every title manually.
If you know that some files have the same artist and/or come from the same album, then select these files in the files list but enter the data that is the same for all these files in the tag panel.
When all the data is entered, click on the disk-symbol in the toolbar or press Ctrl-S to save the changes.
If you have some of the data stored in the filename or the folder name, there might be means to retrieve that with the Convert>filename - tag function.