New Music Releases

Well I know this has nothing to do with MP3Tag but really couldn't think of another place to ask it. I am looking for a site like IMDB but for music. I cannot keep up with my favorite artist anymore and want to subscribe to an RSS feed or a newsletter for new releases.

It would be nice if I could specify the artist or genre in which to get release information about but I would be ok with all new albums. Meaning a site that says, hey these are the albums going to be released this week/month or whatever have you. If I have to manually look that is fine too but with SOOO many sites out there I was looking for a personal reference. Long story short, I want to have a one stop place to check for new album releases. Thanks guys!

depends mainly on the kind of music you are interested in.
will be hard, if it spans over many different genres.

at, you can get an rss feed for every artist, you could pick your feeds and combine them in a reader.

Yea, I've been to that site before but was a little overwhelmed and rather disappointed in the amount of clutter or false entries. For example you search drake and 7 entries come up. Then I dont get the difference between want-list, list and a collection. Does it let me store my currently owned collection for reference and stuff that I want? If so, what is a list? Also, I can't seem to find where to subscribed to an artist RSS feed.

I am looking for "today's" music. Meaning anything that gets played on popular radio station. Genres like hip hip, rap, pop, rock. I am looking for well-known artist not "Banana Peal and the Trash Cans."

After bumping around it last night and this morning, I think I might have gotten the hang of it. This will probably do as I add artist over time, and it looks like discogs makes recommendations based off your picks which is what I am also looking for as I want to know about new music of a similar genre.You can ignore previous post as I could not find a delete after posting it. This should probably fit my needs but anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks for your advice!

When you go to a discogs artist page, the rss link is under the artist's picture. Where it says "Drake Discography" at your example. That's the rss link for Drake:

I've never tested the discogs feed. It was only the first thing which came to my mind at your general question. I don't know if there are only new releases in the rss link or all releases which are new in the discogs database.

If you want filtered information about new releases with some reviews, I would advice you to look for some music blogs which cover your style of music. Or look at the pages of established music magazines, they will also have some kind of news feed. And the big music sites will surely offer extra feeds for genres or artists.

To subscribe an RSS feed with Google Reader, copy the rss URL (like the one above) into Google Reader. In most cases, google will also detect the rss feed if you only copy the standard URL into it.

Or you add the "Add to Google" button into your browser. I've done so and it works fine.