New Script request OR assistance on modifying existing script

I am looking for some assistance in creating a script for "OR" being told how to modify an existing script maybe a Discogs one or perhaps one of the Apple ones to be able to pull from ?

I am not sure if if is simply as easy as changing the source page information for the script to the new page of if the script would need to be created from scratch?

Would be more than willing to give it a shot if someone can point me in the right direction..

I realize this is an outside the norm request but think that if people were able to gain some knowledge on how to do this type of coding it would ease a few of the questions and requests for customized scripts such as this one.

As always any assistance is appreciated.

So I did try to manipulate an .SRC file from Itunes and apparently simply changing the source page information isn't the answer...worth a shot. Never hurts to eliminate the obvious.