new sources ..?

hi there,

first of all, just like to say how much i'm loving mp3tag :smiley: in particular, love the option to grab covers via the websource option ..

in this case, just wondered if anyone might be able to use these two new sites i came across to create new sources :

Find My Cover
Josher's iTunes cover search

.. both very nice in their own way, as i've no idea where to start in terms of coding ..! :huh:

cheers ..

Find My Cover uses Amazon for finding the covers. Amazon is already supported by MP3Tag.
You could also use Amazon Cover Downloader and add it as tool in MP3Tag with something like "--acd-keywords=%artist% %album%" as command line argument.

Edit: Josher's iTunes cover search is identical to this AFAIK.

true in all cases, i guess. just that i like the simplicity of these online solutions, i.e. you just get thrown a bunch of covers and you choose which one suits.

also, not sure how you could realistically use the itune one you linked to, if there's no preview ..? in any case, server seems to be down at the mo, so ..

end of the day, gues it's no biggie :wink:, just that if it were easy to do, reckon they might be worthwhile alternatives / additions ..?

cheers ..

A different website doesn't help anything. The way Mp3tag presents the results does not depend on a website layout.
The web framework just doesn't offer more advanced possibilites to show covers.
If it was possible, all scripts would already present the covers with previews in one window and all that sutff.

ok, no problems.

goes without saying, ovrall more than happy with how mp3tag works :sunglasses:

cheers ..!