New "subtrack support" is breaking automatic discog tagging

Discogs has support for album subtracks which all seem to indicate multiple songs present within the same media file. Each of the discog listed subtracks appear within the same single track number on the actual CD and the same resulting ripped media file. mp3Tag is treating these tracks like additional whole tracks and inserting them all as new individual tracks instead of combining them when I do a discogs lookup, which renumbers and incorrectly tags every subsequent track after the first subtrack appears in the listing. These subtracks should be combined into the same file, or at least give the option to ignore the additional subtracks so you don't break the automatic tagging.

Here are a few of the examples I have run into.

This physical CD has 5 tracks, so I have 5 flac files. Because each of those tracks actually contains multiple songs, there's 23 subtracks on the album. When I load those files into mp3tag, it tries to treat the first 5 subtracks as whole tracks, applying the 5 subtracks from the 1st actual track and ignoring the rest, as shown in the screenshot. The track numbers on discogs here are formatted as <track#>.<subtrack#> [2.08, 4.17...]

Here are some other albums I have run into this with:
The track numbers on discogs here are formatted as <disc#>-<track#> [1-10b, 1-06a]

In the screenshot you can see mp3tag treating subtracks as whole tracks.

This one is particularly bad. It has 41 tracks, not 107:

Can you please provide a way to combine this subtrack data from discogs into the one media file they are part of? Thanks.