New Support Request: MCID and Other Frames

First off yes this is my first post for the MP3Tag forums so yay for popping that cherry lol. I'm new to this forum but have been diving more and more into tagging/ripping/archiving related topics for years along with knowing how to program so be nice =P lol.

Anyways to the subject at hand. I love that not only does MP3Tag support the most frames (fields) compared to any other tagging program that I am aware of, but that you can actually create your own...which is supported in ID3v2 and yet the only other program I'm aware of that you can do this with is foobar. I love MP3Tag but I wish I could use the ID3 tagging standard capabilities to it's full potential with it and I know of no other program that can. I noticed there are certain frames (fields) in the ID3v2 that aren't supported by Mp3tag, but this also seems common with every other tagging program. The best example is probably the MCID frame (field) because well I'm not aware of any program out there that even supports it. Mp3tag supports a ton of frames (fields) already which is great, but why not go all the way to supporting all the possibilities in the ID3v2 standard? Personally, I wish this was possible for really any program, because I have a good amount of CDs and am looking to archive them with as much information as possible in each tag (MCID is one of the frames aka fields I would like to include). Is this possible?

Wow how embarrasing lol. Not MCID of course but MCDI :X.

Guess not... Thanks anyways. Great program.

The problem with MCDI is that it contains binary data which is not supported by Mp3tag editing facilities in the user interface (and this is unlikely to be changed).

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