New Tag Sources dialog


Having used version 2.39 for several months, I recently read about the release of 2.41 (missed the announcements about 2.40) so I downloaded and upgraded to it.

It seems to work well, but after several hours of trying to figure out the new "Tag Sources" dialog, I gave up and switched back.

I have the feeling that it probably works well with full albums, with track ordered file names, but if you are trying to tag half a dozen files, like I normally do, the pre-2.40 method of modifying the track order in the dialog box to match the order of the selected tracks in the main window.

What am I missing?

PS: Now the I've upgraded and downgraded, I'm getting prompted to check of upgrades. Anyway to turn that off?


Just click "agree" once.
It will just open up Mp3tag's site. And then will never prompt again.


You can still adjust the order. I don't see the problem...


My take on how this dialog works, is that I have to place entries in the right-hand list to the correct entry in the left-hand list.

My issues:

  1. Have to use push buttons to move entries around; rather dragging entries within the list.

  2. The scrolling of the lists are not syncronized. When there are more entries in an album than can fit in the visible part of the list, you have the problem of manually syncroizing them. (Typically any album of more that 10~12 songs. IE: most "Best Of" albums.)

  3. Due to the behavior of ordering lists, to maintain any amount of sanity, you have to work backwards on the list, from last to first.