New tags and options for padding


Hello everyone,
I recently switched to mp3tag and I'm starting to love it. It's very good and have some really nice features.

I like the foobar-ish scripting. It makes copying info from a web site very easy. However, to do so I have to copy text and write it to a file, hit the "Text file - tag" button and browse to the file again. I've got an idea to enhance it a bit. There would be another button which opens a dialog box with multiline input field, where you could paste any text from clipboard, edit it a bit or whatever, and a field where you could put the pattern. It's just a feature request. I would like to see what others think about it.

Now about the tags. I noticed that even though NETRADIOOWNER is listed in help files as supported tag the data is written into user defined text frame (TXXX), not to TRSO frame as it should. I think it's a bug and should be fixed. Still I've got a question. Are there plans to add other id3v2.4 frames? What I really miss (really really) is TSST "Set subtitle" frame.

Finally padding. I read there used to be an option to set padding size. I don't know why it was removed but I would like to have it back. I would also prefer (maybe as an option) tags to be of specified size (or multiple of it if data stored is bigger) rather than being a total of size of all frames and padding. What I mean is if I add tag to some new file (full info - artist, band, musicians credits, involved people, etc.) the tag size is 3KB (2KB of it is padding) and I would like it to be padded to size set in options (2KB is ok). An option to reset padding if it's too big would also be nice. I know I may sound as a padding freak, the space wasted is not that big even for a big collection, but I like to have control over thing like that anyway. If anyone knows an external tool that can do above things I'd be grateful for a link.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


it's me again. I didn't get any reply. Maybe it's beacuse noone likes bugmenot but now I'm here on my own.

I've read the forums a bit more and noticed that the 'padding thing' is some kind of tabu :wink: No problem. It's not really that important. However if anyone knows of a tool on the net that can do that I'd be happy for a link.

I've also noticed there was a beta released. I'm using it right now. But the NETRADIOOWNE frame wasn't fixed. It's still stored in user defined text frame. And I would really like to have TSST 'Set subtitle' frame added.

Hope for an answer.
And I'm still very happy to use mp3tag :slight_smile:



Options for padding are no tabu - but I simply refuse to accept their value :stuck_out_tongue:

Both the TRSO and TSST will be supported in the next version.

Kind regards,