New to exporting, - trying to print cd info

Hi all, I tried the 'export' feature for the first time to day and created a CSV file on my desktop that contained every track I had in my main music folder including all the other info such as album, track length etc. In excel I was able to sort it out in just about any order I wanted just like in the media players like realplayer but I need to learn more.

I have had a glance at : /t/1495/1 and will look at it again tomorrow after sorting out our baby (probably late evening then... doh!)

My plan is to get rid of all of our cd jewel cases (and maybe inserts too) and put all of our cd's into a flight style case to save space. most of our music is on the pc's already and the cd's are just a back up and proof should we ever need it that we didn't illegally DL them all. The cd wallets within the case are numbered and have a small space to write a brief name and this means that I need to print out a list of all the albums with a number before each one (01, 02, 03 etc.) and leave this in the case and also I need to print the track details of each cd too - this bit I can do with the CSV file that mp3tag did for me.

What I would like help with is how I would go about just printing a list of the albums to a CSV file please so that the only info shown is the album name and this is only shown once per album (as opposed to a 12 track album have the album name listed in 12 rows.)

Many thanks for any help or pointers, and please remember that I know nothing about export as such at the moment.

I would like to point you at the following thread:
Count total number of albums
Although this is for counting albums and relies on the similarity of filenames and ALBUM you may output the albumname instead of the number....

Many thanks for this ohrenkino - it is a life safer.