New to Forum & MP3 Tags

I have just came accross MP3TAG software and forum.
I have a number of MP3 albums I would like to change tags instead of just having track number 1. I have tried editing but everytime just when I think Ive done it right, the tags do appear, along with what I wanted to change I will try to explain what I mean

Example before using (or try to ;-} )
Title Track # Bitrate Length Date Artists Album
audio track 01

When i try to change tag to play in media monkey or winamp
Title track # Title Contrabuting artists Album
01-AudioTrack 01.mp3 1 the song name ends up along here for some reason along with date and time

When I load the album back into MP3TAG the song is where title is the number of the song is in next section along. I feel a bit battred and just about give up.


I tried several times and just cant get the hang of this, In the past I have tried other MP3 tagging software as I ended up with a complete mess and it put me off. I have tried selecting what appears on the toolbar but I think it only hid toolbar selections. Is there any tutorials which will help?

All I want to be able to do is select track number, name of the track and length and have these show in my mp3 players Winamp & MM

Thank you

Hello user @Smokes,
Load the files into MP3tag.
In the files list, select all the files that belong to 1 album.
In the tag panel on the left enter the following data:
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification. Watch how the display in the files list changes.
No scroll the files list until you see the column for Title.
Click on the first field for title and enter the title of the track.
Press Enter to finish editing.
Repeat editing the title until all titles have been entered.
Load the files into Winamp or MM and see what these programs show now - Perhaps you have to tell them to update their library.

Thanks for reply and suggestion I still can't get this to do what I need it is still showing numbers in the wrong place and is showing double for each track. I will try to upload a screenshot


I gave up last time i tried to tag and rename mp3's it's more annoyance and hinderance to me.

Thanks anyway

You should distinguish clearly between "tags" and "filename".
As far as I can see, you have the filename as leftmost data.
Then there is a column with a number (the track number?), followed by the tag field for TITLE (I assume), then ARTIST and finally ALBUM.
If you want to modify the filename (which is far less important than accurately filled tag fields) use the function
Format string: $num(%track%,2)_ %title% _ %artist% _ %album%
(you can use any other valid character instead of the _)
(The $num(%track%,2) gives a number, nicely padded with leading zeros)