new to Mp3tag

Hello..I am new to Mp3tag . All I want to do is get my mp3 files into some sort of order on my that I mean Artist(in Caps) and song in lower casing. I have used your help files but am having difficulty in how I go about this.
The problem is that mp3s I have downloaded have numbers and _ plus album info which is not what I need
I have managed to get files from my directory into Mp3tag and change them but how do I get them to be saved into the original directory so that when I go to that directory they are ARTIST(Caps) and songs in lower casing.
Your assistance would be appreciated

Have a look here: /t/5141/1
It's in german, but I think you will get the needed information from dano's answer.

I could not find the answer on Danos page????...and I dont understand german..thanks for trying to help me :slight_smile:

Select your files, use menu "Convert > tag - filename or filename - filename"
Click on the HELP buttons and read it.
Use the scripting functions like $upper() to change to upper/lower case