New To Tagging

Hi! This is my first post. I’m a newbie to tagging but so far I love MP3TAG. Its simple and easy to use and what’s wonderful, if you make mistakes you can easily correct without losing everything you’ve done. I’m still reading, learning and working my way through MP3TAG. But a lot of these file terms are Greek to me. When it comes to my computer knowledge, it's average at best so it’s going to take me sometime to understand the nuances of MP3TAG.

Anyway I’ve got a few questions. Wasn’t sure where to post them. I’ve tagged a couple of CDs and saved. One I saved but now I can’t find it anywhere. Obviously it’s somewhere but I have no clue where to search. Where do I find it?

Secondly, can you rename an Artist and Album Title in the Directory path and save it? My music database found an old CD favorite but in a Spanish version. I wish to convert and save in English. So far I’ve been able to change everything but the directory path - Artist name and Album Title. Is this possible?

Finally, is there a quicker way to copy and paste a CD album instead of entering the data individually by each track, if the Artist, Album title and other data are all the same. Whatever I’m doing doesn’t appear to be working.

Thanks! Trying to get these few issues cleared up before I begin a lot of tagging. :rolleyes:

There where you opened them. Unless you perform a renaming of the filename so that it includes a path. MP3tag does not move files on its own.

Either you use the Convert>Tag-Filename function to move files to a new folder. THis leaves the old folder.
Or you use the Convert>Tag-Tag function for _directory and enter a mask like

Select all the files to which you want to apply the changes.
Enter the data in the tag panel.
When you have finished editing press Ctrl-S or the save-button in the toolbar.

Thank you so very much. :rolleyes: