New to this and trying to organize my music starting with "Garth Brooks"

Here is what I see when I open up the "Garth Brooks" folder in the "Music" folder on my windows 11 laptop. I then search for mp3 on the "search" area in windows explorer and find (200) items.

Now here is the files order:
01 - Against The Wind.mp3 Garth Brooks Album: Blame It All on My Roots: Classic Rock CD 2 Genre: Country Length 00:04:50 Size: 11.1 MB

And there are (6) 01 - files and then it goes to 02 and on until it reaches 17 - for 2 files and then it moves on to:

A Friend To Me.mp3 Garth Brooks Album: Sevens Genre: Country Length 00:03:07 Size 7.31MB

And then it moves on to Beaches Of Cheyenne - Garth Brooks.mp3 no other information like album or artist lists. Garth Brooks is in the title of the song.

Here is the issue I'm new to using Mp3Tag and want to do a simple setup and just be able to rename the songs so there correct and add the coverart. I also want to have the correct album information and artist information. But with this mess I need a bit of help. Is there a way Mp3Tag can do something to help me with all of this.

I am not sure what you want to do in detail but I feel that ou intend to perform some rather bais tagging so I think it would be best to have a look at

I have fixed the issue some of the songs didn't have the correct album information. So what I did was I placed each song inside a folder for the correct albums and then I opened the folder inside mp3tag and then used the musicbrainz to collect the correct order and such through mp3tag and I also have the correct titles now as well as song track numbers and such. I have this taken care of now. I had been tinkering with the mp3tag until about 11:30 P.M. In my area of Wisconsin so I was up kind of late but I know now how I want each mp3 file to look.