New to this program

Just downloaded this the other night I've tried going through the FAQ's and the online manual.
I need some help with this so how would I go about having it organize everything automatically
instead of manually? I don't have the time to go through my entire music library one by one so
is this possible?

You do not tell us what you want to have organized automatically.
In general: MP3tag never does anything automatically but only on the user's command.

As for us bystanders it is hard to tell what your collection looks like and what you think might be needed to have it in a different state we cannot tell.

It would be easiest if you specified the current state and the desired state.

Sorry I meant like an option to like select all my current files and have the program organize it instead of going one by one myself with each album I have.

It is still not clear what you mean by "organize".
If you want to move the files to a folder for each album: yes, this is possible ... if there is already information in the tags that can be used.

If you have totally blank files without tags all in the same folder, then it will not be possible.
If you have information about the albums in the foldername (and/or filename) and yet nothing in the tags, then you can copy that information from the foldername (filename) into the tags.

So again: you have to describe what you have and what you want and then we can see.