New track numbers

I thought I did this once before but its not working as I expect it to ---

I have files in the form

xx some-file-name.mp3

where xx is the sequence / track number -- I would update the %track
tag with xx --- what would be the template to use? thanks

Converter Filename ->Tag:
%track% %dummy%

Thanks for the info ---

If I have a file like this --


will the convert process create (sub) directory if I specify tags like this

%artist%\%album%\%track% %title.mp3


Yes, but a placeholder in MP3Tag has always the format %title%, not only %title.
If you use the converter Tag->Filename you can see an immediate preview of your format string.

Thanks for the infio ... yes -- not the best typer ... its %title%.mp3 ---

if the tag has characters in it like < > : will the convert process edit them out or is there a translation table I can specify?

Normal behaviour of MP3Tag for forbidden characters in filenames is to just leave them out.
If you want to specify a general replace-character or a specific one for each charater have a look at the help-file in the section "Scripting" and there the functions $validate() or $replace().

thanks for the info and help