New user-defined tag items



You had said that in the latest version, if a user creates a BPM user-defined tag item, it would use the proper BPM item 'TBPM' If I want to create a new item that stores the front cover of a CD, will MP3tag interpret 'APIC' correctly? Can I note that the Picture type is $03 (Front Cover) and the MIME type is a relative URL? I've been looking at the ID3v2.3 standard and I'd like to follow it. I'm assuming that someday hardware will begin to support displaying the cover, and I'd like to have my mp3's ready :slight_smile:



adding APIC fields to ID3v2 tags is not possible at the moment, because I have no idea how to support this field without breaking the generalized interface for all tag formats (artwork is only possible with ID3v2).

Beside of that, the ID3v2 standard states that the APIC frame should contain a complete URL when the mimetype is set to "-->".

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~ Florian


Thank you for the update. Will you be adding a custom COVER tag again, then?