New User - MP3Tag

I've been slowly working my way through a collection of music files that I've built up over the years, as I'm going to have everything on a central MPD server and the Android clients use the tags to search for tracks / albums.

I've been using the simple Discogs source for many of the albums, but I'm getting a number of instances where MP3Tag can't find the specific album even though I can find it on the Discogs website.

I believe that the Pone script allows matching using the Discogs release number, but I cannot fathom out how to get this enabled. I have downloaded and loaded the mp3 into MP3Tag, but when I try to select by URL, I simply get "[ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ]" without actually being prompted for the entry of a URL.

Any help gratefully received.

EDIT : A specific album that I'm looking to tag is Albert King - The Ultimate Collection.

Using standard Discogs source, the artist doesn't appear in the results, but the album does exist in Discogs at