Newb Export Question: Dano template



At the risk of sounding ignorant, I'd like to find out why the export template I'm trying to use won't keep tracks sorted by TRACK INDEX, after Artist and album.

I'm using Dano's "html_dano_albumlist_js_ex" and it does everything perfectly - except - all the tracks are sorted under the album alphabetically, rather than by track number.

I've reviewed the tag info, and used the renumbering wizzard to ensure I use the format 01, 02, etc. Strangely, using the other export templates work without this issue.

Ideas and or explanation(s) on my procedures would be valued greatly....

Thanks in advance,


Tracks are sorted by their filename, because my files are like Artist-Track-Title or Track-Artist-Title.
You can replace the two $loop(%_filename_ext%) with $loop(%track%) I think (line 75 and 78).


Sweet! Will try today!

Thanks for the prompt response!


Worked like a champ! Thanks again. This format really suits me.

You guys rock!