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Hi Everybody. I'm wondering how I could get rid of these track numbers in the filepath? I can do it in the folder on my Mac but have to do it one by one and there are 77 tracks. Anyway to do this in MP3 Tag in one go? THANKS FOR ANY HELP! Will attach screenshot

the easiest way is always to rename a file with the data from the tag fields:

If you have no data in the tag fields, then an import from the filename would be an idea.

Thank you. when I put the title in the title tag it has the same number.
How would I do this? Sorry I am just learning this.

Also guess I should say what I am trying to do is create my own sequence of tracks in order I want. So have to get rid of those numbers, put them in order/sequence I want, then I do the track and disc number command. If those numbers are there it puts all these numbers in the title field. Thanks again.

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %track% - %title%

If you want to renumber the tracks in an order of your liking and apparently that order relies on the filename (does it?), then, after the import of the data from the filenames and rearranging them in the preferred order, try
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2) - %title%

This leaves the track number as it is (probably closer to the original) but renumbers the filenames only.

Ok so the issue I have is the title field is blank. To use the convert I have to type in the title. Then convert and I get it without the number. Typing in the title is more time consuming than deleting the numbers.
But I will try these things you say and see if it works. What is a way to put the filename to title, then just convert title name and the file name w/out the numbers? Confused yet? lol thank you very much

What I suggested was:

You are right: that typing in the title is more time consuming than editing the filename.
But the convert functions in MP3tag will treat all the selected files in 1 go and even the application of the converter for filename-tag and then tag-filename is much faster than the manual way.

ok I will try all this and see what happens.

as to your question, the only way I see to resequence is by dragging the filenames to my order. Is there a better way?
thanks again

I don't know.
MP3tag has function to sort and filter - and even a function to arrange the files "randomly". But if that leads to a result corresponding with your preferences, I cannot tell.

No that just left the filename as '' .flac" and nothing in title field. Because there is no title I guess.

then you wrote a new filename with Convert>Tag-filename before you imported the data from the filename with Convert>Filename-Tag.
So, please, import the data from the filename first.

Ohhhh ok I think I get it. Will try that. Thanks so much for your time and help.

That worked!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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