Newbie asks: Where to get metaflac and make MP3tag detect it?

Hi everyone,
Excuse my ignorance, I just learned about metaflac which I was told it could remove padding with MP3Tag, but I didn't find the link to download this tool. It seems obvious, but I genuinely can't find it. Can someone tell me where to find it? I tried to look for it on the official FLAC page and went to the download section, but there's not a specific download link provided for metaflac (maybe I'm not looking in the right place?).

And another question, how do I get MP3Tag to detect metaflac? I assume that metaflac doesn't include an installer and I'll have to move it in a specific path. Sorry, I'm not very technical about this kind of stuff and I'm very bad at following instructions.

See this thread on how to

metaflac is part of the flac codec package, so you have to download that, e.g. here:

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Thanks for the response, it was confusing at first, but now that became clear to me. Just one thing: Does metaflac.exe can be at whatever location, right? Is there a recommended location I can put it in?

The best location would be the one which you can remember that you put it there.
So, no, there is no dedicated location.

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