Newbie copy FILENAME to TITLE


Please forgive me if I've trampled on the etiquette; I'm new at forums and new with this awesome tag editor.

I've looked all over and can't find help on copying the filename (minus the track number) to the title field. I dont understand the "action" tool. I have a lot of files that don't have a title in the tag but the filename is the name of the song (plus the track number). Example: filename is "01 I Need You Tonight" and the title field is blank where I would like it to be "I Need You Tonight". Even if it could be done with the track number included I would be a lot closer to the goal. Thanks in advance for any help you guys and gals send my way.



You can use the Converter (Press ALT+2).
if your filename is: 01 I Need You Tonight
%dummy% %title%