Newbie: Exporting query


I'm brand new to mp3tag and already enjoying its features. I have a query about the 'export feature'.

I don't understand how to configure how the exported data appears in terms of which tags appear and in what order (html format in my case). I had assumed that whatever order I put the data in within the main window of mp3tag - once exported, that would be the layout within the exported file.

Clearly it isn't and I thought it might be down to the fact that I need to edit the export configuration file. But when I click on 'edit', my PC is asking for a suitable app to edit the file. This made me think I'd got it wrong!

So, just two questions

  1. Am I correct in thinking that I need to edit the 'export configuration' file. If so, what app do I use to edit?

  2. If the above is incorrect, how do I edit what tags appear in the exported file and their relative vertical position within the exported file?



Haven't you tried to open a new export script?
Because then, the correct editor (the plain windows text editor is the default) opens and you get a template file that you can adapt for your needs.
See also the help on that:

The script layout also determines the formatting of the generated export. So a statement in a new line also puts the data in the new line. You have to experiment a little.
Please note that you can also use the functions of the scripting language which means that you can also output non-printable characters like $char(9), the tab character.

Thanks for the quick reply Ohrenkino

I'll try creating anew script (I missed that option first time round!)

Hi again Ohrenkino

OK, I think I'm understanding the principle now... I duplicated the standard html script and 'played with it'. It's now exporting JUST the columns I want :slight_smile:

But I can't figure out in the script how to to control the order in which the data is displayed in the exported file. I'd like it to export and show the Artist name in alphabetical order. Currently, it seems random (or its sorting it in the order of another tag that I've not exported)

Thanks for your patience with this newbie!