Newbie extended tag question

I have mp3 files that are podcasts that do not show up under the specified podcasts they should be in.
e.g. CarTalk is a program which has a podcast. I missed a couple of shows. Found the mp3 files that are the podcasts. Saved them to the CarTalk folder under My Music, where the rest of the podcast (mp3 files) are located. I took a look at the extended tags for these files that I manually downloaded and they are different.

It does seem that I can manually go through and copy the tags from where they are to where they ain't. I just imagine there must be a more elegant way of doing this.

If you look a the images above - The file that does show up under podcasts has a series of fields, with values. The tags are completely missing in the first file (which does not show up under podcasts).

The workflow I would like to create is as follows:

  1. Export ALL the extended tags from the file that shows up correctly.
  2. Export ALL the extended tags from the file that shows up INCORRECTLY.
  3. In .csv file, I would then copy all the missing tags to the improperly tagged files.
  4. Modify the imported tags as appropriate (say the RELEASETIME - see the pics above)
  5. Associate each line of a .csv file with a corresponding improper file.
  6. Import
  7. Voila - the improperly tagged mp3 files are now all fixed.

I recognize this is probably overkill since I would have been done already if I had just manually edited the files but the nerdy side of me couldn't resist. I also want to thank the developers of this software for the nice code and program and I did search for this problem in the forum but didn't pick up on anything quite like this.

Many thanks!

I think that a podcast is identified by the tag PODCAST showing the value 1. This is reason enough vor iTunes to accept a file a podcast.
So for all the files that do not show up, open them in MP3tag, select them, open the extended tags (Alt-T), press the New button and create a new tag of the type Podcast with the value 1.
Save the changes. You should be done.

Thank you. I will give it a shot and see how/if it works. I actually think I need to add a couple of the other podcast related tags as well for the entries to show up in the correct spot in itunes.

So I gave it a shot as suggested. I still don't see the podcast in itunes (under the podcast category). Is the url critical to this process. I think itunes is looking at the metatag in some other location?

For Podcasts you should at least fill these tags:

PODCASTURL (should have the syntax of an url)

You might have to remove the file from the itunes library and add it back again for itunes to recognize the changes.

Dano is correct (again) :wink:

I have put in the podcast and iTunes accepts it.

Thank you! Will give it a try.