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I new to MP3's and tags etc, never needed them before, but I have just bought a Zen Xtra which uses tags, what I would like to do is to mimic my folder structure that I have on my pc e.g. Folder-artist-album-track (African-Wes-album-tracks)

The Nomad boards have told me the easiest to do this is to make sure that the genre tag is the same for all tracks (albums) in the folder. Is there a way to this from the root folder?


Umm... I don't really understand what you mean. If you want to apply the same genre to all tracks, simply open the folder containing the tracks (select Subfolders from the browse for folder dialog), mark all tracks and then select the genre you need from the drop-down list. Finally, hit Save tag. However, I have no idea what that should be good for. :flushed:

If you need to create file names and folders based on your tags, use the Tag-Filename assistent together with variables, such as %artist%, %album%...

This the reply from my post to

"Unfortunately, the zen xtra uses the mp3 file's id3 tag to organise music, instead of using a file/folder structure. However, there is a way you could do what you want.

What you could do is download mp3tag (search on google), then go into each folder and batch tag all the files in each folder with the right genre. So all of your dance albums would be in the "dance" genre. Then when you put them on your zen, you can browse your music by genre, and it will be pretty much like how it is on your computer. "

Oh, I got it now. Anyways, my above description on the procedure should fit your needs. :slight_smile:

Cool- Final question is there a way of backing up my current tag structure so I can return it to it orignal state, in case the changes don't work for me.

I am not aware of a backup function. :frowning:

I am working on a small VB program which should help you back up your tag data. :slight_smile:

You will have to copy the tags to clipboard using MP3Tag and then use my program to save the custom clipboard format which Florian uses to a file. If you ever need to recreate your tags, use my program to load the contents of the file to the clipboard and then use MP3Tag to paste from clipboard to the MP3s.

@Florian: Why do you use a custom clipboard format (49546) rather than plain text? Is it because of special tag fields which might be using binary data?

Why not export all tag data to a txt file and import it later again?

When exporting to TXT, is there a way to include all tag fields supported by MP3Tag, without needing to type them manually?

As d4n0 suggested, you can use the export feature together with the Taglist-Tag tool.

Create a new export by going to Tools, Options..., then to Export. Add a new export and name it whatever you want. You can then use the following for backing up the title, artist, album, track number, year, genre and comment:


RECORDLINE01=%title% | %artist% | %album% | %year% | %track% | %genre% | %comment%




Save your changes and then select File, Export for exporting the tags of the selected tracks.

When restoring the tags, use Convert, Taglist-File - Tag. Select the exported file and use ...

%title% | %artist% | %album% | %year% | %track% | %genre% | %comment%

... as pattern.

Sebastian Mares

Edit: Or you can use my experimental program together with MP3Tag's clipboard functions. However, I do not take any responibility if the program fails or if your computer explodes. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Binary tag fields are not copied, since not all tag formats do allow binary data.

I'm using this special clipboard format to make sure that nobody tries to paste his CV or the Euro2004 results to the files :wink:

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~ Florian