Newbie help

First... Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I made a feeble attempt to look and did not find this issue.

I am sure this is some simple issue that I, a newbie to MP3TAG, am doing wrong.

  1. I loaded my music directory in the app
  2. I located several .mp3 that had either no or Bad tags.
  3. Updated the values in the tag fields
  4. Saved changes and verified that those changes are displayed within MP3TAG
  5. Navigated to the folder within Windows 7 and viewed the files

Expected Result:
The changes made using MP3TAG should be visible in Windows Explorer

Actual Result:
No Change, the file names are the only data present

Note: I do have all columns visible in Windows Explorer

Question: Is there a final save process that I am missing?


aka: "The Newbie"

Check which tag version you have written. WE does not understand V2.4, it has to be V2.3.

Also, if you had BAD! tags then you should check your files for integrity with utilities like foobar2000, mp3val and/or mp3diags. Files that are somehow messed up sometimes do not display properly in WE.

You were right... Foobar indicated that over half the files in the directory were either the wrong format or corrupt...

Delete, Delete, Delete..

Thanks for the help

The Newb...

Ack... Ok I didn't mind deleting the first set of files... but Im running into others that Im not excited about deleting..

How do I verify what version I have and then change that version?

Scan your files with MP3 Diags and it will show you what's wrong with the files.

Then you can use the same program to repair the files.

If you make changes with Mp3tag that don't show in Windows Explorer it usually means you have two or more tags on the file.

Thank you... That helped and I was able to resolve all my issues...

It was a daunting prospect to have to resolve this since I am dealing with a .mp3 catalog of over 10000 files with about 2500 indicating that they had a problem, but the apps you mentioned solved the problem.

Thanks again.

The Newb....