Newbie help

I've got a late library of music I'm trying to import back from a rather silly mp3 player that has all the music on it untagged and named so:

and so on...

with each bunch of tracks in a folder entitled
artistname album name

so for example apex twins album spyro would be:

aphex twin spiro/track1.mp3
aphex twin spiro/track2.mp3

I see that you can select a few files and put in the artistname album name into a freedb search and seemly come back with a fairly reliable match, which then updates the missing tag data (very cool)...but can I do the whole shebang at once....there are 1000s of albums and doing it one by ones gonna take me days... :flushed:

Yours hopefully



But you can try to get the album/artist information and the track number into the tags with the Convert>Filename-Tag function
If the artist and the album are not separated by some kind of limiter then it is going to be difficult.
Otherwise you can try:
%artist% %album%\track%track%